nacnac Bottle Sanitizer

Established in 1991, nan nac is a recognizable distribution channel for baby goods and a firm believer of providing babies with utmost care and devotion. After years of experience as a distributor for other brands and OEM products, they seek for a bottle sanitizers solution that truly coincides with their mission and belief as their first product under their own brand.

Material Innovation Research

Study innovative material in terms of appearance and material properties. Combine with brand colors and overall aesthetics to identify target.

Sales Field Study

Conduct one-on-one interview with direct sales representatives and on-site observation customer’s product selection process at purchasing stores.

In-depth User Focus Group

Host focus groups for users of the top three brands in terms of market share to study users’ routine, product’s pros and cons, and overall experience.

Quantitative Survey

Understand consumer qualities, discover purchasing decision and potential target audience through analysis of consumer survey, eventually redefine current conception of the market.

Instead of the top-down stacking solution for compartmentalization, we incorporated an open space solution, where sanitized products are access from the front and side. This enables greater accessibility, which coincides with user’s practices and needs. As for exterior, a large transparent visor type opening allows user to easily view inside the sanitizer and knowing that the product is working correctly. The transparent opening is integrated smoothly with the friendly exterior to increase emotional security and attraction. Furthermore, a flat compartment with removable tray increases the flexibility of products that could go inside. This potentially extends the usage life of the sanitizer where it compliments to the product been used by the baby as he or she grows.