Sleep Management Platform

Sleep Management Platform is a cloud-based patient management platform for sleep apnea therapy monitoring. It's a crucial strategic expanding toward the reimbursement based markets in USA and Japan. Since the key entry barrier to these markets is the service provider’s efficiency, according to our research, the iX Web is designed for enabling service providers to instantly collect therapy data from patients, effectively identify insurance coverage and eligibility of patients, and efficiently manage the coverage schedule of supplies for patients.

In-depth One-on-One On-location Interviews

We conducted several one-on-one interviews with doctors, dealers and other service providers in USA and Japan to realize their information architecture on work process and communication.

Sales Field Study

Conduct one-on-one interview with direct sales representatives and on-site observation customer’s product selection process at purchasing stores.

Business Model Analysis

We realized stakeholders’ profit engines in current service system and identified the pain points in delivering values. Additionally, we analyzed the problems that can be solved through cloud-based solutions.

Product Testing

After prototyping, We conducted usability testing with service providers abroad over several key scenarios to ensure our design is intuitive and eligible.

Sleep Management Platform incorporates both patient and supply management into one system. While the visual hierarchy feature alleviates the service provider’s workload on monitoring patients and their insurance application processes, the after-sales service system assists the service providers in managing the coverage schedule of supply and boosting the frequency of replacement.